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Pre-BER Assessment

A measure of your home's Energy Efficiency.

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We'll complete a Pre-BER Assessment to accurately calculate information you need to make the right choices.

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Energy Efficiency

The Pre-BER will accurately determine your home's current energy efficiency level on a scale of A to G which gives you a baseline to work from.

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Fuel Costs

Annual fuel costs can be estimated based on your home's energy efficiency, your primary heating system, and the heat source used to heat your home.

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Potential Savings

Potential savings can be estimated based on your current BER and your target BER which can then be used to evaluate the payback on your investment.

It's impossible to know the improvements you have achieved to your home's energy performance if you don't first know what your current energy performance is before you start. We highly recommend customers get a BER Assessment carried out on their home at the start of their Energy Efficiency project. This will indicate your home's energy performance and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions on choosing the correct measures to upgrade.

Your BER is calculated on the amount of energy use for space and hot water heating, ventilation, and lighting. The number of people likely to occupy a building is also taken into consideration. Your BER is valid for 10 years and is a mandatory requirement if you are buying or renting a home.

The Rating Scale

A Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate helps you understand the energy efficiency of a home. It is a good indicator of how much you will spend and how much carbon you will produce to heat the home to a comfortable level.

The rating scale looks like the energy rating labels for household appliances. It rates the home on a scale from A-G.

  • A-rated homes are the most energy-efficient and comfortable. They tend to have the lowest energy bills.
  • G-rated homes are the least energy-efficient. They typically require a lot of energy to heat the home and have the highest energy bills.

How is a BER calculated?

A BER is calculated based on the amount of energy the home requires for:

  • Space and hot water heating
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting

The calculation uses the Dwelling Energy Assessment Procedure (DEAP). This is Ireland's official method for calculating a dwelling's BER. The DEAP calculation framework is based on IS EN 13790 and draws heavily on the calculation and data used for the energy rating of dwellings in the UK.

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Pre-BER Assessment Explained

Watch our short video to learn more about what a BER is, how a BER is calculated, and who needs a BER.

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